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The below pictures show our Committee, Church & the Mediums that have served us over the years.
Please place your mouse over the image for further information, to magnify the image or to follow any website links...

Committee Who's Who v4 DH 030624_page-0001.jpg
Tracey White
Ted Saunders.jpg
Wendy Brooking.gif
Jamie Tennant.jpg
Steve Holbrook.jpg
Carol Baker.jpg
Craig Morris.jpg
Graham Brewer.jpg
Darren Kelly.jpg
Sharon (2).jpg
Caz Allen.jpg
Billy Cook.jpg
Ruth Caulifield.jpg
Angie Kruger.jpg
Francis Cambourne-Paynter.jpg
Jon Beckwith.jpg
Paul Bereton.jpg
Mandy Rose Michaels.jpg
Lee Hunter.jpg
Keely Withers.jpg
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